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Boozy Punches

Up your beverage game from college kid to real adult.

The Basics

Cheaper than beer

Compared to an average 6 pack of nice beer, which is about $10. Yes, there are some upfront costs, like a decent set of pitchers and some staple liquor. Suck it up, you're an adult now, right? And per drink, boozy punches are cheaper.

Classy as fuck

People don't remember a party for having tons of cheap beer; they do remember an event with a themed and delicious drink menu. A well thought out signature drink makes you look like you have your shit together. Bonus points for punny names.

Shit you’ll need

Level 1

Punching up cheap wine, champagne and beer with booze and fruity flavors.

Sangria recipe
Fun variation
Mimosa recipe
Fun variation
Beer-ga-rita recipe
Fun variation

Level 2

More complex flavors like ginger beer, balsamic vinegar, and whiskey.

Moscow Mule Recipe
Fun variation
Autumn Cider Recipe
Fun variation
Boozy balsamic lemonade recipe
Fun variation

Level 3

Drinks invloving more ingredients like gin. Taste testing will become more important.

Whiskey Sour Recipe
Fun variation
Tropical Island Punch recipe
Fun variation
Cucumber Gin Lemonade Recipe
Fun variation